Na-kd - Two Articals
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Here is the NA-KD truth…

They are new, born recently in fact and they are super proud of it. Proud that they are a team of skilled and enthusiastic individuals with over 13 years’ experience in the online fashion industry who wanted to make a big bang in the online fashion scene. They saw something was missing, and saw what needed to be done so they putted there heads together and was born.

NA-KD is a team of highly experienced professionals who live and breathe online fashion and social media with a global outlook. With over 13 years’ experience in e-commerce, fashion design, styling, production, marketing and social media; they sure know there stuff. And they are doing it all for you, the customer.

There aim is to become a leading player of the global e-commerce market for clothing, footwear, accessories and lifestyle products by offering a range of products that is broad, unique and in-tune with the latest fashions in an entertaining and engaging manner.

And let me tell you, they have the sickest collection and therefore i have a little gift for you guys! A 20% discount!!!! and to top it off, free shipping worldwide! So what are you waiting for? Go Go Go

Use the code daniella20 for that 20% discount! But remember, time is ticking because it’s only available for 3 days.