Interview / Mary josie Co-founder of New moon magazine - Two Articals
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Interview / Mary josie Co-founder of New moon magazine

Mary Josie is the Co-founder of New moon Magazine. The new moon stands for personal development, renewable energy and growth, which is exactly what you can find in there articles. They want to bring you into there own development, so New Moon Magazine is not your standard online magazine but one where they share there growth and discoveries with you. For example, read there travel reports, personal stories and inspiring weekly questions. 

You just anounced that you are going to put a end on your blog, why is that? For me, it feels like I’ve ended it a long time ago. I always like to stay creative and just because I didn’t find something new yet, I still updating it. I am happy to be busy with my new adventure.

When did the idea came up of starting a new online magazine? I was almost falling asleep when the idea popped into my head. It was such a weird moment. I got the idea all out of nowhere and it felt like i had to go on a mission to create whatever just got into my head. I asked Melanie and Jill if they wanted to be part of a online magazine that focusses on spirituality, veganism and girl power and they were just as excited as I was when I asked them.

Tell me more about the name of the magazine.. New Moon stands for new energies, new ideas and creating them.  That’s what we’re all about. We really want to inspire girls (and boys) with our articles about spirituality, veganism, astrology. We like to talk about topics that aren’t really talked about that much in our generation and helping to make people understand the concept of ‘self love’.

What more do you want to accomplish with New Moon magazine? I developed a huge passion for veganism and I hope that with our online magazine we can open people’s eyes about this topic. I think approaching people in the right way about it and also helping them question things they don’t normally think about.

What is you work week like? My work week is never the same so it’s kind of hard to answer. But I’m always creating. Either I am working for New Moon magazine, for my Instagram or I am shooting photos for social media for the brands I work for. I’m always busy but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way, I really love the projects I work on!

Best part of the job: That I’m able to be creative and that I am able to say no sometimes. I can be my own boss, even though it comes with a lot of responsibilty, it also comes with a lot of freedom.

Hardest part of being a business lady? I always feel like I am not doing enough, which can be quite hard sometimes. Sometimes I have to grab myself and say “Josie, you have to stop working. You’ve done enough today. Go get your ice cold Bloody Mary and relax”. I guess it has to do with planning. I can be a great planner but sometimes I just forget to plan my day and I end up doing too many things.”

What milestone are you the most proud of? Launching New Moon magazine. I’m really proud of it because I feel like it’s ME. I’ve grown so much over the past year and I was outgrowing my fashion blog. I’m proud because it’s something different – it’s honest and it almost feels like I peeled all my layers off. First the MAC make-up products, my way too expensive bag, my need for having expensive things, the old me.. I left it all behind and created New Moon. It just makes perfect sense now.

Plans for the future? I think I already told you that I am not the best planner sometimes. I for sure know that I want to go to Los Angeles and work on the magazine from there, Venice beach feels like my second home. That’s all I have planned for now :-).

A piece of advice for all the woman out there? Never let anyone talk bad about your dreams and passions. You’re here for a reason and you have your dreams for a reason. Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back, fight for that you want. You deserve it xx