Catz dry gin - Two Articals
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Catz dry gin

Try something else

Last week i went to den haag, to try out this new gin called Catz. Normally i always order a cocktail or a glass of wine, but just a couple of months ago i decided to try something else and went for the gin and that’s when i starting to drink it. So when i came across of this new gin, first thing that came to my mind was that i needed to try it and believe me this is so goooood! I just love how fresh it is, let’s say that it’s a perfect summer drink with a little bit of lemon.

CATZ Dry Gin

CATZ Dry Gin is a new gin that brings an old Dutch brand back to life. A Dutch gin that is exceptionally aromatic and versatile, robust and balanced. A gin that melds all of the classical aspects in its own distinctive way in a unique palette of special botanicals. A gin that has been slowly developed over the past years, making no concessions in attaining its final quality.