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15 jan

Dream wedding

As many of you know, I'm getting married this year and i have to say that till New year i had no stress. To be completely honest, i wasn't doing anything for the wedding. So when the new year started i totally freaked out and got in my stress zone and was thinking "Shit about 7 months I'm getting married!" What now? Slightly I panicked and started to make a list with all the things i yet had to do but luckily I did before that and was arranging a location but that was really the only thing that i had plannend. Afterwards I ask myself why I didn't started earlier with the planning? Maybe I didn't realized that...
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13 jan

All day Radness

If you've read my previous post you will know that i just got the Nike Cortez and that today i'm going to post a new look with the sneakers. And here it is, The look with my new nike Classic Cortez in all white. Somehow patent leather has always caught my eye, but lately it really became a trend. So while i was shopping at H&M, i saw this cute black skirt and it was only 10 euro! So it was no way possible to not take it. There i also found this red hoodie. As i said in the previous post, i don't wear a lot of color. But somehow i really liked this red. (maybe i begin to like...
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10 jan


Sooco store is a online webstore and store in Enschede with a collection of more than 1,500 models of 100 brands. Sooco is the most complete and surprising multibrand store in shoe- and sneaker fashion. They want to entertain you, surprise you and make live by proceeding customizable and optimization ease of use to you. Sooco means "progress" in Japan, And that's why they use innovative cross-media retail solutions and digitizing the technical, online applications in the store to create a fusion of the web store and physical store. With knowing this, i wanted to check out these 1500 models and see if they really delivered with what they say? And they did! Right away, i couldn't choose because of all...
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6 jan

Pink heels

A good day for my Wallet

A new year and i already purchase myself some items. And i have to say, how cute are these heels? You won't believe how much these cost? Because they were only 9,- euro's! Such a good purchase, if I say so myself. I also got this jeans that i'm wearing for only 5 euro. So it was a good day for my wallet because i only spend 14,- euro's on these two items. Loavies The militair basic blazer is from the webshop Loavies. Loavies is an international online fashion store. With key items of the latest style trends in fashion, accessories, beauty & lifestyle we are all fashion lovers who never get enough of shopping! I've already posted...
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3 jan

Mellow Tuesday Music

music is emotion. Unfortunately it doesn't make us younger, prettier or healthier, what it does do is, it touches people. but why does music affects us? It helps us sometimes understand who we are, provides comfort and teaches us to deal with emotions. By the playfulness, music is often more effective than text or images. It is further known that listening to your favorite music reduces pain and reduces the amount of stress hormones.

Fun Fact ; The more you relax, the better the music sounds.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I love to spend a full day at home and just listen to music and discover new music or artists, it really relaxes me. My...
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30 dec

Let’s be colorful

Lately i've been trying new things and wanted to come out of my comfort zone, the reason behind that is the obsession i have with color, when i comes to clothing i have almost zero color in my wardrobe, and when i do have a item it's because i really really like it, otherwise you will find me in black items. If you been wearing a lot of the same things, you tent to sometimes get stuck in the things you like and don't see the other cool items that might will suit you. So i thought for this shoot i wanted to add some color. And if you already seen the pictures below, then you have...
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